Tecline and ISE ECO Challenge

There is a ECO task for all divers on the horizon.
This awesome program to preserve our precious planet and waters is launched because we need to cleanup our Oceans.
That should be a priority for all. So with the help of our awesome partner TECLINE we launch the ECO challenge.
Inscribe here and collect as much garbage you can with the received ECO bag, send us pictures and we will pick a winner end of the year.
The winners get: some of the prices Tecline R2TEC regulator / Alien Light / discount on ISE courses and much more.
So go and get the garbage out of our waters :-)

Our new ECO DIVER partner, TECLINE stepped up to take on this task which is awesome.
So a new badge is born, received by all new ECO DIVERS.
So wherever in the world you follow the InnerSpace Explorers ECO DIVERS program, you will receive this badge.

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